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boudoir in water
Welcome, beautiful.

I'm in search of a handful of lucky ladies who would like to participate in one of several exclusive limited edition set designs in exchange for a steep discount on their luxury boudoir experience!

That's a savings of over $1,000!

Boudie Call Details

Leah Previews-9.jpg

In exchange for incorporating one of my desired creative themes into their luxury boudoir session, participating babes will receive 50% off the Session Fee

Sessions include:

∙   Fully furnished, private studio space

∙   Pre-shoot consultation and wardrobe styling advice

∙   Professional hair and makeup

∙   Access to The Boudie Closet

∙   Guided posing

∙   Professional retouching + private image reveal


3 lingerie outfits to keep

 A complimentary post-session massage

$400 product credit with any prepaid Collection

Leah Previews-4.jpg

Boudie Call THEMES

The Boudie Call theme you select will set the tone for the underlying colors, tones, and overall vibe of your session.  You'll be able to select from our most popular packages or individual add on's to customize your boudoir experience.

✓  The Earth and Water

Embark on a journey of intimacy within an enchanting outdoor boudoir session that seamlessly merges nature's beauty with human sensuality. Set in the heart of a tranquil woodland with a serene lake and a private dock, a rustic yet elegant haven extends a warm invitation to indulge in quiet moments of connection. The resulting images immortalize the fusion of nature's serenity and human intimacy, creating a collection that whispers of hidden desires and shared secrets.


Dive into the ethereal realm of an underwater mermaid-inspired boudoir session, where the depths of the ocean become a canvas of sensuality and fantasy. Submerged in a hidden aquatic sanctuary, you will be transformed by the fluidity of water, embodying the allure of a mythical mermaid. Sunlight dances through the ripples, creating a mesmerizing play of light and shadow. Each graceful movement is captured and the result is a series of captivating images that blur the boundaries between human and mermaid, inviting you to explore the depths of desire and imagination!

Quick note: these underwater sessions require a big lung capacity! Also worth nothing: underwater shots are not required to participate in this boudie call theme (we can do soooo much without ever going under!), so swimmers of all strengths are encouraged to apply!

✓  The Spooky B!tch! 

Step into a realm of eerie enchantment in a moonlit haunted mansion boudoir session. The room is adorned with floating candles that cast a soft, dancing glow, while moonbeams weave through a mist of smoke, blurring the lines between reality and the supernatural. A crystal ball swirling with misty visions and tarot cards whispering hidden truths. Mirrors reveal fleeting glimpses of ghostly figures in elegant attire, evoking a sense of timeless mystery and allure that invites you to embrace the thrill of the unknown.


Experience a tantalizing boudoir session that artfully captures the interplay of light, shadows, and water droplets with our sexy Boudoir Shower Set. Our studio is bathed in the perfect lighting, ensuring every curve and droplet enhances your sensuality.

✓  The Sweet Valentine

  • Immerse yourself in the allure of a Valentine's Day themed boudoir session, where soft pink and passionate red envelop an intimate space adorned with twinkling fairy lights. Chilled champagne flutes ready for toasts between poses and intricate red and pink lingerie will evoke both vulnerability and confidence!. Amidst scattered rose petals, each candid shot captures the profound connection and romantic spark shared in this celebration of love.

✓  The Zodiac

Indulge in the celestial allure of a Zodiac-inspired boudoir session, where the elements come alive in a breathtaking portrayal of your essence. Earth, Air, Water, Fire. Crystal accents, reflecting the element's energy, twinkle beside you, enhancing the connection to your inner soul. Lush green plants lend a touch of grounding, symbolizing growth. This session promises to embody the very essence of your spirit, leaving you with images that resonate with your bold and passionate nature.

✓  The Bride

Experience the ultimate pre-wedding confidence boost with a Bridal Boudoir Session. Step into an alluring world of elegance, featuring a curated bridal wardrobe, elegant gowns and veils, and a romantic ambiance. Preserve the radiance of this moment with personalized keepsakes and blow away your partner on your wedding day by embracing your inner beauty before you say "I do."


This one's for all of The Boudio clients who have been waiting for a reason and a calling to come BACK in - you've been eyeballing all of the latest photos, seeing babes come back in for a second and third time, and you might have been thinking to yourself that you want to REALLY relive the best day ever - come back for the RETURN boudie call and enjoy an ADDITIONAL $250 off any collection PLUS an extra outfit! Excuse, accomplished!

Jenni Color-1.jpg
Jenni Color-4.jpg

Ready, Set, Shoot!





Hair, Makeup, and Wardrobe. You'll start with professional hair and makeup while I go through all the items you brought along with your choices from The Boudie Closet so we can narrow down your faves.

Guidance with Every Pose.  Once you feel comfortable, we'll begin our shoot where I'll guide you through each and every pose. Expect lots of laughter and to feel fully supported throughout the process!

Lunch and Luxury Massage. After we wrap your session, I'll send you off to enjoy lunch and a luxurious massage to close out your day.

Private Image Reveal. You'll receive previews the NEXT DAY, and then about two to three weeks later, you'll come back to the studio (or get together via zoom!) for your private image reveal and we will squeal over the images we created, as well as order all of your custom products! 

Apply for the Boudie Call

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm SUPER awkward and unsure of some poses - Will you still be able to photograph me?
    If I had a dollar for every woman who said that to me at the beginning of their session, I wouldn’t have to work anymore! Let me squash everyone's biggest fear from the get go: I do NOT expect you to show up knowing what to do! Not only will I guide you through every pose to help you look and feel your best – complete with squeals of encouragement while you’re SLAYING the session – I will conjure your inner goddess and capture them on camera. All joking aside, you can trust that I will maneuver you as needed and you will always get a demonstration of each pose by me first, which will likely shake all of your nerves because watching me pose is like watching a clumsy giraffe attempt to be graceful.
  • What's included in the Session Fee?
    Pre-Shoot Consultation: This is where we hop on the phone, I get to know you, you tell me all about what you’re hoping to achieve with the session, we talk about style and your hopes and dreams, and we put together an overall vision for your session. Professional hair and makeup: This is our favorite part – you get to come in, sit down, and get beautified. We work with fantastic Hair and Makeup Artists that know how to enhance natural beauty and help you love yourself a little bit more. 90-minute photography session: The photo session is also included in your session fee! It’s about 90 minutes of shooting time, but the whole experience takes about 6 hours including hair and makeup, the session, a break for lunch, and luxury massage. ​ Use of studio space and all furniture Full access to The Boudie Closet: A closet filled with high-end lingerie ranging in sizes from XS – 4X, sheer robes, and body jewelry! ​ Guided posing Styling and wardrobe planning Private viewing + ordering session ​
  • What kind of retouching is included in professional editing?
    Every woman deserves to love herself exactly how she is, but every now and again a nasty pimple or an ugly bruise can really throw a monkey wrench in the flawless plan. Rest assured, temporary blemishes always get taken care of but I usually keep my editing to a minimum. I strongly believe that the right posing and properly fitting lingerie can boost your confidence more than altering your physical appearance.
  • What is the average cost of products and digitals?
    Collections range from $2,500 – $6,500, with our most commonly booked Collection coming in at $3,900. A’la Carte options begin at $2,000. Zero-interest prepayment plans are available!
  • Will my photos be on the internet?
    Not unless you say it’s okay! Every image featured has been preapproved by my clients and your privacy is my utmost priority!
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